How To Make Your Own Hand Grenade

All of us that have been raised on movies and television know some of the iconic sounds of various weapons. The ratchet sound of an automatic pistol action. The KA-CHUNK of a pump shotgun being worked. The Tink – Tink – Tink of a grenade coming through the window and bouncing across the room. We all know how a grenade works. You pull the pin, then you release the lever and throw. Simple.

You might be able to dodge the bullet. A running dive may get you out of the way of the shotgun blast. Not much is going to save you from the grenade.

Grenades aren’t really aimed, don’t discriminate at all, and generally make a big noisy ugly mess out of everything around them. Kind of sounds like life huh?

Since most of us don’t have access to a machine shop and high explosives, we are going to talk about making (and using) a metaphorical grenade. The parts to our grenade are things that you can find in your every day life. Frustration. Anger. Fatigue. Hatred. All the basics. It’s Tuesday morning. You slept late. The kids are grouchy. The spouse is no help at all. No clean clothes. Out of coffee. The car is still making that funny sound. And then that SOB in the fancy car cut you off on the highway.   Just like magic, you look down in your lap, and there is your grenade. Since you wern’t really planning to make a grenade, you kind of ignore it, or maybe stuff it under the seat or into the glove compartment. But they don’t go away. Before too long you have grenades all over the place. In the car, on the corner of your desk. Under your bed at home. So far, no problem. You don’t really intend to USE them.

Then, one day, things slip a little bit further. Work is not going well. There is a project due. Others are not doing their part. The phone rings, problems at home. And so it goes. When the phone rings again, you go to answer it, but when you look down, you find that you have a grenade in your hand. You quickly stuff it in a drawer, but 15 minutes later, there it is again. After two more phone calls and having to listen to the guy at the desk next to you on the phone loudly telling some stupid story when he should be working, you look down and there the grenade is again. But it gets worse. You seem to have pulled The Pin.

Let’s jump back to the movies. As we all know, once you pull The Pin, you need to throw that sucker. You have 5 seconds to obliterate all of your enemies in one quick stroke. Solve all of your problems. So easy. Sometimes though, in the movies, the grenade gets loose. Where you meant for it to wipe out your enemies, there it is lying on the floor at your feet. In this case, the only thing to do is throw yourself on it. Take one for the team. Elevate yourself to martyrdom. That’ll show them all.

But wait. We aren’t talking about a real grenade here. It’s a metaphor. So let’s stop and look at the option that you never see in the movies. PUT THE PIN BACK IN.

The signs have all been there. When the grenades first started showing up, you should have known what was coming. We all have problems that confront us on a daily basis. Things never go the way we want them to. Everybody else is at fault. Politicians and Talk Radio can tell you who to blame. What they can’t do is tell you how to fix it. The first step is to stop the escalation. Decide not to be that person. Not the angry agressive one. Not the martyr. Not the victim. Be part of the solution. Put The Pin Back In. Set the grenade down. Walk away from it. Look at the big problems around you and think about what they are really about. Don’t react with fear and hatred the way the voices tell you to. We can fix this, but it can’t be done when everybody retreats to distant corners, squabbles over inconsequential policies and ignores the big problems that are facing this Nation.

Put The Pin Back In.



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