Positive Lasting Change

   This is the goal of everything we do.  Positive Lasting Change  .  An escape from politics as usual.  An escape from extremes.  The coming together of rational, informed and open minded people working together to save our great Nation.   As with any project, the place to start is by…Read More

Can A Small Voice Make A Difference?

Can A Small Voice Make A Difference?   There exists in the United States individuals and groups of Christians that claim that America is a Christian nation.  These people seem to be against the separation of Church and State, and have been known to claim that this separation was not the…Read More

Why We Have A Secular Government

Why we have a Secular Government   This blog is dedicated to Public Policy and a workable Secular Government. While all of our current writers are dedicated Christians, we normally write from a secular point of view, and do not find any conflict between this position and our Christianity. This…Read More

Wax On, Wax Off

  For adults of a certain age and persuasion, the phrase wax on – wax off has meaning on several levels. As a starting point, it is proof that gems of great meaning can come from just about anywhere. In the 1984 film, “The Karate Kid”, Pat Morita as the…Read More

Welcome to PutThePinBackIn.com

For now, this web site is to support my KickStarter project, the launch of a line of branded T-shirts and other items that promote civil discourse in America. (Kickstarter Project Is Scheduled To Launch 9/12/2012) To learn more about our concept and what my project is all about, use the…Read More

Open, Honest Communication

As we have started to build our Blog, most of our activity has been on Facebook in the form of images showing some of our key thoughts.  A reaction to one of those images requires a longer post than what is practical on Facebook, so it is being posted here.  Once…Read More